Neil Benningfield

Past research interests

  • Developed and refined numerous test methods and procedures for mortars and screeds.
  • Developed range of general purpose and specialist mortars for RMC .
  • Developed retarded ready to use mortar and retarded floor screeds for RMC.
  • Developed lightweight perlite based plaster.
  • Developed range of modified floor screeds including:
    • Styrene butadiene rubber latex modified screed.
    • Polypropylene fibre modified screed.
    • High early strength screed.
  • Carried out long term research on lime based mortars.
  • Supervised the research, writing and dissemination of over 90 research notes and reports. Directly authored a further 31.
  • Designed dry silo mortar plant.

Experience in the field

  • Whilst employed by RMC was frequently involved in site visits, problem and complaint resolution and where relevant assisting with appropriate legal action or other follow-up events.
  • During this period developed relevant on-site practical skills.

Original research and development

  • Jointly developed, with J Figg, a unique test for the characterisation of the plastic properties of floor screeds.
  • Developed unique test for the characterisation of retarded mortar systems using the determination of the exotherm evolved during set to compare and contrast different materials and conditions.
  • Developed a special calcium sulfate based floor screed now produced at over 50 plants throughout the UK.
  • Joint UK patent holder, special delivery vehicle for ready-to-use mortar.

Lecturing background

  • A committed and enthusiastic lecturer and trainer, he has lectured widely in the UK and internationally.

Principal current professional activities

  • Member of 11 British Standard committees, co-opted to several others.
  • Chairman, British Standard committee B/519/2, mortar, 1996 to date.
  • Past president, EMO (European Mortar Industry Association).
  • Chairman, Mortar Industry Association, 1999 to 2006.
  • Past president, British Masonry Society, (now the International Masonry Society).
  • Secretary, British Standard committee B/502/1, aggregates for mortar, 2000 to date.
  • Member, Inst Struct Eng EC6 handbook drafting group.


  • Author of several dozen papers, published within the UK and internationally, most the subject of refereeing/peer revue, on mortar, brickwork, screed and concrete.
  • Substantial experience in both writing and vetting technical literature.


  • Building Mortars. Beningfield, N. In press, Spon, London, 20010.

Book chapters

  • Sands for Building Mortars. Jointly with T. P. Lees. In, Standards for aggregates. Ed. Pike, D. C. Ellis and Horwood, London, 1996.
  • Mortars. Today and for the new millennium. In, Utilizing ready-mixed concrete and mortar, Dhir et al, Thomas Telford, London 1999.
  • Flow applied screeds. In, Concrete floors and slabs, Dhir et al, Thomas Telford, London 2002.
  • Masonry Mortars. In, Advanced Concrete Technology, Newman, J., and Choo, B. Elsevier, London, 2003.
  • Mortars. In, Manual of Construction Materials, Ed. J Forth, Institution of Civil Engineers, London, 2009.

Editorial panels

  • Member of drafting task group, Manual for the design of plain masonry in building structures to Eurocode 6, The Institution of Structural Engineers, London, 2008.
  • Member of drafting task group, Eurocode for Masonry EN 1996-1-1 and EN 1996-2, The International Masonry Society, Stoke-on-Trent, 2009.

Journal articles

  • Numerous papers and articles published both within the UK and internationally.